How does RFID realize intelligent Jewelry Management?——A well-known jewellery company RFID intelligent management upgrade project

How does RFID realize intelligent Jewelry Management?——A well-known jewellery company RFID intelligent management upgrade project


In jewelry industry, there are the monopoly of the stores inventory problem, the counter as a jewelry industry, because of the daily sales of products is higher worth of jewelry, for goods inventory of work every day is very important. But the current basic jewelry inventory work is by artificial manual operation is completed, an inventory of the actual situation of work consuming lots of time. So how to improve the inventory efficiency?


Company Profile


A well-known jewellery company RFID intelligent management upgrade project. A well-known jewellery company is a well-known jewellery company in China. It has always been loved by consumers at home and abroad. The jewellery products provided are even more dazzling and often refreshing. The wear is not only gorgeous but also tasteful. At the same time, the company was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011, and was sought after by the capital market, becoming an internationally renowned jewelry brand. Moreover, the company's vision is to become the most trusted jewelry group in the world, and it is well-known for its product design, quality and value. At present, the company has a huge retail network at home and abroad, covering Greater China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the United States. It also operates a rapidly growing e-commerce business and can effectively implement online and offline strategies in the current omni-channel retail environment. Successfully broke through. However, while achieving certain results, the company also saw its own shortcomings and deficiencies in management. In order to be able to make up for these weaknesses with technology and consolidate its own strength, the company hopes to borrow advanced information management methods to make intelligent and fast manage.


Background of the project

       As a well-known company in the jewelry industry, a jewelry company has obvious advantages compared with its peers in many aspects, but in terms of store management, like other jewelry companies, there is the problem of inventory of exclusive counters in specialty stores. As a leading company in the jewelry industry, this The company has many stores and counters in the domestic and international markets, and the products sold by the sales staff of these stores every day are relatively high-value jewelry. Through the inventory of the goods, you can understand the sales of various products in a timely manner. It helps to complete the company's digital analysis of the market acceptance of various products. At the same time, it can also check the number of jewelry to reduce product loss and management errors. But at present, the company’s jewelry inventory work is basically done through manual operations, and jewelry products are small in size and large in quantity. A large number of products are counted by a small number of sales personnel, resulting in a huge amount of time-consuming inventory work. In fact, data shows that it takes an average of five hours for an ordinary jewelry store to take an inventory of the products in the store. The problem of inventory efficiency has caused each jewelry store to be unable to inventory products daily or weekly. In response to the above problems, we helped the company provide a set of technical solutions based on RFID technology for inventory management of bead trays.


System principle

        Attach RFID tags to precious jewellery products, combined with the jewelry inventory equipment installed on the counter to monitor, control, and track labeled jewelry items to achieve fast inventory and real-time management functions. In this way, all-round tracking and recording of the entry and exit and sales process of jewelry products are carried out, and the cumbersome and inefficient human management and bar code scanning mode are replaced with new methods of automation, accuracy and efficiency. Jewelry tags are RFID tags. Each tag has a unique ID number. The tag records the weight, purity, grade, and other jewelry information on the national inspection certificate. RFID technology introduces jewelry management, attaching RFID tags to precious jewelry products, combined with jewelry inventory equipment installed on the counter to monitor, control and track labeled jewelry, to achieve rapid inventory, real-time tracking and intelligent sales management.

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System functions


1. Jewelry Invoicing Management

  Jewelry purchase, sales and inventory management, through the relationship between RFID jewelry tags and jewelry, automatically collect and record jewelry purchase, sales and booth information;

  The daily jewelry report, according to the conditions of day, category, area, etc., reflects the in and out of jewelry jewelry;

  The monthly report of jewelry reflects the entry and exit of jewelry and jewelry by month, category, area and other conditions;

  Monthly statistics table of jewelry purchase, sales and inventory, according to time, category and jewelry statistics;

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2. Jewelry real-time monitoring

Using the jewelry inventory installed on the counter can be used to monitor, control and track labeled jewelry, to achieve rapid inventory, real-time tracking and sales management intelligence, so as to track and record the entry and exit of jewelry products and the sales process in an all-round way.

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3. Jewelry alarm management


①     The jewelry is not in place alarm. When the jewelry leaves the booth without authorization (only a specific authorized employee opens the cabinet with RFID lock through the RFID electronic key) within a limited time, an alarm is triggered;

②  Jewelry retention time overtime alarm, jewelry display time overtime (the timeout standard can be configured), trigger the alarm;

③  Jewelry inventory alarm, the total number of real-time inventory of the fixed reader is inconsistent with the data registered in the management system, triggering an alarm.

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4. System management

  Jewelry branch information management, add, delete, modify jewelry branch, record the name, code, address, level (organization structure), contact number, contact person, person in charge and other information of the branch.

  User management, add, delete, and modify system users. Users can be divided into browsing users, operating users, administrators, and senior administrators.

  Password management, add, delete and modify the user's password


5. Handheld Terminal Application


  Jewelry tag reading and writing, realize the initialization of jewelry tag data and the correction of tag data.

  Data synchronization management realizes data synchronization between the handheld terminal and the management system.

  Inventory check (optional), to realize the comparison check between the actual jewelry in the store and the registered data of the management system.

  Password management, adding, deleting and modifying the user's password.