For CANON IPF6300/s IPF6350 IPF6400 IPF6410 printhead chip resetter PF-05 PF05

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Update Time 2016-08-08
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Product name: PF-05 nozzle Canon CANON IPF8300 / 8310/8400 / 9400S print head is reset Decoder
Product Condition: New and original
Place of Origin: Dongguan
Product Applicable models:
IPF6300S / 8300S / 8310S / 9400S, 8-color machine;
IPF6300 / 6350/6400/6450/8300/8310/8400/9400, 12 color machines;
Decoder functions:
First: As we all know, the print head using the maximum amount of color is usually Y, PM, PC, etc., through periodic swap printer print head nozzles can effectively prevent excessive printing prematurely damage, thus prolonging life.
Second: to facilitate detection of the print head is good or bad
Sometimes lack of color from the bar, the print head is not readily determine the total printer problem or question, after the print head is reset by a reset and re-exchange at the installation location or loaded onto different types of printers, you can easily detect the print head is normal .
Third: the elimination of some of the error
Sometimes the print head will be "403E / 403F" "print head abnormal, replace" and error, but also try to use the reset is reset and reinstall, or eliminated.

Please carefully read through the decoder function, make sure to understand and then the next one, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

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